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Contract Wise


Contract Wise excels in delivering CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) compliance and payroll solutions, specifically designed for the construction sector. Their expertise in navigating HMRC regulations allows them to effectively mitigate the risks of HMRC misclassifying self-employed subcontractors as employees, a scenario that could lead to hefty fines and penalties for companies. Through a holistic service model, Contract Wise provides essential support and advice, helping clients through the intricacies of CIS compliance, including payroll management and CIS reporting, while also offering safeguards against employment tribunal claims and guidance on IR35 implications.

The array of services provided by Contract Wise is aimed at protecting companies from the financial dangers posed by HMRC reclassifications. Their offerings encompass a complimentary compliance review, comprehensive CIS adherence, protection against HMRC reclassification, and support for holiday and sick pay entitlements. Additionally, Contract Wise facilitates the payroll process with complimentary contract drafting and payment software, emphasizing their commitment to keeping businesses up-to-date with legislative changes and ensuring ongoing compliance with HMRC standards.

Serving a diverse clientele within the construction industry, including contractors, subcontractors, and agencies, Contract Wise tailors its solutions to meet the unique requirements of each business. This personalized approach guarantees not only adherence to HMRC and employment legislation but also shields companies from the financial perils of non-compliance. With a guarantee of timely payroll services, expert advice, and a no-risk stance on employment tribunals, Contract Wise stands as a dependable ally for construction entities seeking to concentrate on their primary activities without the hassle of compliance-related administrative tasks.

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Contract, Payroll & Audit

Contract Wise offers a comprehensive service that includes contracts, payroll, and auditing to mitigate CIS risks. Their approach ensures CIS compliance, safeguarding businesses from HMRC penalties by handling subcontractor payments and maintaining compliance with HMRC regulations. This service is designed to protect businesses from the financial risks associated with misclassification of subcontractors as employees, offering a streamlined solution for managing CIS responsibilities efficiently.
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Protecting Contractors & Subcontractors

Contract Wise provides a robust service aimed at protecting both contractors and subcontractors from the risks associated with HMRC's CIS regulations. By taking full responsibility for ensuring subcontractors remain classified as self-employed, Contract Wise shields businesses from significant financial liabilities, fines, and penalties, ensuring compliance with CIS regulations and safeguarding against reclassification risks.
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HMRC Reclassification Risk

Contract Wise offers a service focused on eliminating the risk of HMRC reclassifying subcontractors as employees. This service includes vetting and verification of subcontractors, acceptance of all commercial, legal, and tax responsibilities, and providing robust contracts, ensuring businesses are protected from the consequences of an HMRC status review.
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CIS Compliance

Contract Wise guarantees full CIS compliance, removing the burden from businesses by handling all aspects of CIS, from verifying subcontractors with HMRC to calculating and reporting CIS tax. This service ensures businesses are fully protected from HMRC fines and penalties related to CIS compliance.
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Supply Chain Due Diligence

Contract Wise provides comprehensive supply chain due diligence services, ensuring businesses remain compliant with HMRC's CIS, PAYE, and VAT regulations, as well as various legal requirements. This service is designed to keep businesses safe from penalties and to support them in fulfilling their legal obligations.
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IR35 Protection

Contract Wise offers IR35 protection services, ensuring contractors and freelancers are fully protected against the complexities of IR35 regulations. By handling status assessments and taking on legal and tax responsibilities, Contract Wise removes the risk of non-compliance with IR35, allowing businesses to engage with subcontractors securely and legally.
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Tax Returns

Contract Wise simplifies the process of self-assessment tax returns for CIS subcontractors, ensuring they are registered for self-assessment and helping them reclaim CIS tax. This service is aimed at removing the stress of tax returns, particularly with the transition to digital tax in 2024.
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