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J. David Tax Law LLC


J. David Tax Law® is more than just a tax firm it's a lifeline for those facing tax challenges. Distinct from common tax relief agencies, we're a specialized tax law firm offering tailored solutions for both individuals and businesses nationwide. Entrust your case to our seasoned tax attorneys, known for swiftly addressing IRS and State Tax Debt issues, often halting wage garnishments within 48 hours. With flexible payment plans, we ensure top-tier representation is within everyone's reach. Begin with our complimentary consultation and find solace in J. David Tax Law®—where your peace of mind is our commitment.

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Unpaid Taxes: Understanding the Collection Process

Dealing with unpaid taxes can be a daunting and traumatic experience, leading to a series of increasingly threatening notices from the IRS. Many taxpayers find themselves confused about why they owe these taxes and, without proper action, may face severe IRS collection actions like lien filings, bank levies, and wage garnishments. Understanding the collection process, the origin of the debt, and how to resolve unpaid taxes is crucial in alleviating the financial and emotional stress caused by IRS collections. Proactive measures, including understanding IRS notices and seeking professional help, can prevent future debts and protect taxpayers from aggressive collection actions.
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IRS Penalties for Delinquent Returns & Unpaid Taxes

The IRS imposes severe penalties for delinquent returns and unpaid taxes, including failure-to-file and failure-to-pay penalties, which can accumulate to significant amounts over time. These penalties are designed to encourage timely filing and payment but can lead to a financial burden for taxpayers who delay or overlook their tax obligations. Understanding these penalties, the conditions under which they are assessed, and the potential for their accrual is essential for taxpayers facing IRS debts. J David Tax Law offers expertise in navigating these challenges, providing strategies for penalty abatement and tax relief to mitigate the financial impact of IRS penalties.
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Prevent Levy and Seizure Actions by the IRS

Preventing levy and seizure by the IRS is crucial for taxpayers with tax liabilities. The IRS can levy bank accounts or wages and seize property, including real estate and vehicles, severely impacting a taxpayer's financial stability. Understanding the IRS collection process and navigating it effectively is key to avoiding such drastic measures. There are steps to delay IRS action, buying time to address tax liabilities properly. Ultimately, resolving the debt through various IRS resolution options, such as installment agreements or the Offer In Compromise, is essential to prevent levies or seizures and mitigate the financial and emotional toll on taxpayers.
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Asset Seizure

Asset seizure represents the IRS's most aggressive collection tactic for unpaid taxes. The IRS can legally seize assets, including personal residences, vehicles, and investments, to satisfy tax debts. Certain personal belongings and income sources, however, are exempt from seizure. The process involves extensive bureaucratic steps, offering taxpayers opportunities to propose alternative debt resolutions or demonstrate financial hardship. The emotional and financial impact of potential asset seizure is profound, affecting taxpayers beyond the loss of physical assets. J David Tax Law offers experienced legal assistance to navigate and potentially avoid such severe IRS actions.
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Unfiled Tax Returns & CP59 Notices

Failing to file tax returns can lead to significant penalties and IRS enforcement actions, including the issuance of CP59 notices and substitute for returns, which often result in higher tax assessments. Understanding the filing requirements and responding promptly to IRS notices can prevent additional penalties and substitute filings. Taxpayers have the opportunity to file delinquent returns to replace substitutes and reduce assessed taxes. J David Tax Law specializes in assisting taxpayers with unfiled returns, navigating the complexities of IRS communications, and minimizing the financial impact of late filings.
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Payroll Taxes & Being Pursued by Revenue Officers

Payroll tax delinquency is taken very seriously by the IRS, often resulting in aggressive collection efforts, including assignment to Revenue Officers for in-depth investigations and enforced collection actions. Employers who fail to remit withheld taxes face severe penalties, including personal liability through the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty. Understanding the implications of payroll tax delinquency and seeking professional assistance early can prevent personal asset levies and secure alternative resolutions. J David Tax Law provides expert legal advice to businesses and individuals facing payroll tax issues, helping navigate IRS procedures and protect personal and business assets.
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Fresh Start Program: Determining Your Qualifications

The IRS Fresh Start Initiative offers taxpayers with outstanding debts various options to manage and resolve their tax liabilities, including streamlined installment agreements and the Offer In Compromise. This program aims to make it easier for taxpayers to repay their debts while avoiding severe penalties like liens and levies. Understanding eligibility and effectively utilizing the Fresh Start Initiative's provisions can significantly reduce the financial burden of tax debts. J David Tax Law specializes in evaluating taxpayer eligibility for the Fresh Start Program and implementing strategies to achieve tax relief.
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