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Mongolia tours | Mongolia travel | Mongolian tour agency


Looking for assistance with accommodations and itinerary planning for your trip to Mongolia? Look no further than a Mongolia tour or a Mongolian tour agency. These experts can provide invaluable guidance to ensure your trip is a success.

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Vacation in Mongolia

Vacation in Mongolia offers an immersive experience into the country's untouched natural beauty and unique cultural heritage. This service caters to adventurers who seek to explore the great outdoors, with opportunities for wildlife photography, trekking, and hiking. Highlighting western Mongolia, the Gobi desert, and Khuvsgul lake as prime destinations, the tour includes visits to Altai Tavan Bogd National Park for hiking around glaciers and experiencing traditional Golden Eagle hunting. The itinerary is rich with cultural immersion, offering interactions with local nomads, and showcases Mongolia's vast landscapes and traditions.
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Trekking in Mongolia or Hiking

Trekking in Mongolia offers an unparalleled adventure through the Altai mountains, known for their breathtaking beauty and unique cultural traditions. This service is perfect for those looking to explore Mongolia's natural wonders on foot, including vast glaciers and the majestic Altai Tavan Bogd National Park. The itinerary promises encounters with local nomadic families, opportunities to learn about Golden Eagle hunting, and hikes to Mongolia's highest peaks. This trekking experience is designed for adventurers who wish to immerse themselves in Mongolia's pristine wilderness and ancient nomadic lifestyle.
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Gobi Desert Tours in Mongolia

The Gobi Desert Tours in Mongolia offer a unique adventure into one of the world's most fascinating deserts. This tour is ideal for those interested in exploring the vast, waterless expanses of the Gobi, which is rich in history and prehistoric dinosaur remains. Travelers will discover a variety of landscapes, from sandy dunes to rocky and clay hammadas, and encounter unique wildlife adapted to the harsh desert environment. The tour highlights include visiting rare oases, salt marshes, and experiencing the traditional nomadic lifestyle, making it a memorable journey through Mongolia's natural wonders.
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Mongolian Mountain Climbing Tour

The Mongolian Mountain Climbing Tour offers an exhilarating adventure to Khuiten Peak, Mongolia's highest point. This tour is designed for those seeking the thrill of mountain climbing combined with the exploration of Mongolia's unique nomadic lifestyle. The itinerary includes trekking through the stunning Altai Tavan Bogd National Park, hiking around vast glaciers, and experiencing traditional Golden Eagle hunting. Climbers will be guided by a professional local team, ensuring safety and an authentic experience. This tour is a blend of adventure, cultural immersion, and natural beauty, making it a must-do for mountain enthusiasts.
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Photography Tours in Mongolia

Photography tours in Mongolia offer an unparalleled opportunity to capture the virgin nature, breathtaking landscapes, beautiful lakes, and fascinating mountains of Mongolia through your lens. Whether you visit in winter to document the western Mongolian nomads' migration or in summer to explore the snow-capped mountains of the Altai range, Mongolia presents endless beauties and surprises. The tours cater to all, from professional photographers to workshop groups, providing unique experiences like visiting the Naadam festival, Golden Eagle Festivals, and exploring the vast Gobi desert, Khovsgol lake, and historical sites from the ancient Turcik age.
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Tailor-Made Tours in Mongolia

Tailor-made tours in Mongolia are designed to provide a unique, personalized travel experience, allowing you to explore Mongolia at your own pace and preference. Way to Mongolia's team collaborates with you to create an itinerary that fits your budget and interests, offering a blend of recommended places and hidden gems. Unlike package holidays, tailor-made tours offer flexibility, enabling you to select your flights, hotels, and activities. This service ensures your trip to Mongolia is unforgettable, tailored entirely around your desires and interests.
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A deeper dive into

What services does provide? offers comprehensive travel services including personalized itinerary planning, accommodation management, guided tours, trekking, and hiking itineraries. They specialize in creating customized travel experiences across Mongolia, catering to various preferences from budget to luxury holidays, ensuring travelers explore Mongolia's vast landscapes and rich culture with safety and comfort.

What assurances does give about ensuring a high quality service or product?

The company emphasizes 24/7 support, safety, and the expertise of local guides. Operated by experienced local expert B.Baldyrgan, guarantees personalized and high-quality travel planning and execution, reflecting their deep understanding of Mongolia's unique attractions and commitment to customer satisfaction.

What social proof is there that have provided a quality service in the past? (e.g. testimonials)

While the specific testimonials are not highlighted in the content provided,'s long-standing operation since 2012, the mention of a family-run ethos, and the emphasis on local expertise suggest a track record of satisfied travelers. Their comprehensive service offering and personalized approach to travel planning are indicative of their commitment to quality service.

Common questions asked about

How can I customize my tour with specializes in personalized travel experiences. You can customize your tour by contacting their team directly through the website. Provide your preferences, budget, and any specific requests, and their experts will craft a tailored itinerary that suits your needs, ensuring a unique and memorable Mongolian adventure.

What types of tours are available through

They offer a wide range of tours including cultural explorations, trekking, hiking, luxury holidays, and adventure tours. Each tour is designed to showcase Mongolia's natural beauty, ancient traditions, and nomadic lifestyle, with options for all types of travelers, from those seeking luxury to adventurers on a budget.

Is it possible to book accommodations through

Yes, provides comprehensive travel services, including accommodation bookings. They offer great deals on a variety of lodging options throughout Mongolia and can integrate accommodation bookings into your personalized travel itinerary, ensuring comfort and convenience throughout your journey.

How does ensure traveler safety?

The company prioritizes safety, offering 24/7 support and employing only experienced local guides. Their commitment to safety is evident in their planning and execution of tours, ensuring that travelers can explore Mongolia's landscapes with peace of mind, knowing they are in capable hands.

Can assist with travel arrangements beyond tours?

Aside from tours, can assist with a wide range of travel arrangements including flights, local transportation, and visa advice. Their goal is to make visiting Mongolia as easy and seamless as possible, providing a one-stop solution for all your travel needs in Mongolia.
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Mongolia (Olgii city, BU) based business - established in 2012 - providing travel agency services for visitors to Mongolia. Website includes details of services provided, work examples, testimonials (via TripAdvisor), associations, blog, full contact details. reviewer
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Way to Mongolia, a Mongolian tour agency, stands out for its comprehensive travel services, emphasizing local expertise and personalized itineraries. Founded and operated by B.Baldyrgan, a seasoned guide, the company showcases its commitment to safety, unique travel experiences, and deep local knowledge. Offering 24/7 support and a variety of tours, including trekking and luxury holidays, it caters to diverse traveler needs at competitive rates. Its website highlights the agency's ability to provide customized travel planning, accommodation, and activities across Mongolia, ensuring a memorable journey. The agency's dedication to quality service and authentic Mongolian experiences, backed by a family-run ethos since 2012, positions it as a trustworthy partner for exploring Mongolia's vast landscapes and rich culture.
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Olgii city
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