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drug rehab centers in Orange County CA


Nestled in Orange County's vibrant heart, Oasis Treatment Centers shines as a guiding light for those battling addiction to substances and alcohol. This sanctuary is committed to delivering empathetic, all-encompassing care tailored to meet the distinct needs of every individual it serves. Embracing a whole-person approach, the center integrates a variety of evidence-based strategies from the start of detoxification through to residential rehabilitation, outpatient care, and ongoing support, aiming for the highest success rates in recovery. A dedicated cadre of medical professionals and addiction experts at Oasis crafts bespoke treatment strategies that holistically address the myriad aspects of addiction, creating a nurturing atmosphere that promotes healing and sustainable recovery.

Understanding addiction's multifaceted nature, Oasis extends beyond the basics of medically-supported detox to encompass an extensive array of rehabilitative services. This includes both one-on-one and group therapy sessions designed to unearth and tackle the root causes of addiction, enhancing the recovery journey. The tranquil setting of the center, combined with its commitment to proven therapeutic practices, bolsters individuals' resolve to surmount their addictions and piece their lives back together. Oasis pledges unwavering support to its clients throughout their recovery journey, equipping them with the essential tools and support needed to sustain sobriety and foster a more fulfilling, healthier existence.

Oasis Treatment Centers distinguishes itself through a steadfast dedication to crafting individualized paths to recovery, set against a backdrop of serenity, and supported by a suite of effective treatment options. This commitment to nurturing clients' well-being and laying down the groundwork for enduring recovery is manifest in every aspect of its treatment and aftercare planning. By prioritizing the restoration of the mind, body, and spirit, Oasis offers not merely a route to abstinence but a bridge to a life replete with happiness, purpose, and satisfaction.

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Drug Detox Program

Oasis Treatment Centers offers a comprehensive drug detox program designed to safely manage withdrawal symptoms and initiate the journey to recovery. Under medical supervision, clients are supported through the detoxification process, which is just the beginning of a holistic treatment plan aimed at long-term sobriety and health.
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Alcohol Detox Program

The alcohol detox program at Oasis Treatment Centers provides a supportive environment for individuals looking to overcome alcohol dependence. Supervised by medical professionals, the program focuses on comfort and effectiveness, leading into a broader treatment strategy that addresses the root causes of addiction.
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Personalized Recovery Journeys

Emphasizing the uniqueness of each individual's path to recovery, Oasis Treatment Centers tailors treatment plans to meet specific needs and goals. Their holistic approach includes medical detox, counseling, evidence-based therapies, and aftercare planning, all set within a peaceful treatment environment.
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Comprehensive Support Services

From initial detox to residential rehab, outpatient services, and aftercare, Oasis Treatment Centers provides a continuum of care. Their evidence-based approach and personalized care plans support healing of the mind, body, and spirit.
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24/7 Admissions

Oasis Treatment Centers understands the need for immediate support, offering 24/7 admissions to help individuals begin their recovery as soon as they're ready. Their team is always available to provide information and start the personalized treatment process.
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US (Newport Beach, CA) based business providing substance and alcohol addiction treatment programs. Website includes details of services provided, work examples, full contact details. reviewer
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Oasis Treatment Centers
895 Dove Street
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United States
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